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Infinity Gems and Diamonds

Infinity Gems and Diamonds brings to you generations of expertise in the diamond industry. The founder of Infinity Gems and Diamonds learned from his grandfather who imparted 47 years of experience, wisdom and knowledge. This enabled Mr. Haroon to master the trade and deliver to you the finest jewelry.

We purchase our exquisite stones direct from the cutters. We will view and grade thousands of diamonds but select only those rare few that have preeminent beauty plus fire and are of the highest quality that matches our reputation for excellence. Choose from brilliant rounds, exquisite marquis, and spectacular princess cuts or perhaps you may be drawn to the fancy diamonds; The depth of blue, the sparkle of champagne or the mystery of green.

Let us assist you in marking the cherished moments and milestones of your lives be remembered for years and generations to come. Allow Infinity Gems and Diamonds to create your next family heirloom.

Select from our innovative designs or utilize our talented artists to develop your ideas, cultivate your vision, into a unique, custom piece of jewelry that will be treasured forever. Inquire about payment terms and layaway options..